Monday, January 7, 2008

What's Wrong With Me?

The things that have NOT helped us get pregnant:

Putting legs up in the air after s.e.x.
Saliva Fertility Monitor.
Giving up caffeine.
Giving up alcohol (for the most part).
Giving up sugar and refined flour.
Wheat grass.
Eating Organic.
Not exercising.
Positive Thinking.
IUI with Clo.mid.

Despite my recent proclamation that it WILL HAPPEN (remember "The Dream"?) I think I am starting to really lose hope. And, maybe that's not a bad thing. Maybe I need to just really face the reality of my situation and move on for good.

But, in the meantime, we'll try...
IUI #2 with Let.razole.

My lining was pretty thin last time, so I pushed for a change of meds. I need to speak to Mister and discuss whether we'll do it this month or next. Since AF is on her way (today or tomorrow) we'll need to make the decision soon. Unfortunately, Mister is sick with the flu and I don't want to bug him right now.

Side note: Baby Boy has been sick with the stomach flu all weekend, and now my poor husband is ill. I hope I don't get it. I am feeling weary from weeks and weeks of a sick baby (teething + colds one after another, and then, just when he was starting to get better, the stomach flu.) I could go to bed right now and sleep for two days. Maybe that's why I'm feeling so down. Maybe it's PMS. I don't know...


Tracy said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling so weary. You have every right to feel that way between sick baby, sick hubby, and the whole strain of IF. I hope you get some peace soon.

You deserve it...

And I'm sorry, too, about your list. At first I thought it was one of those "funny" posts that instructs people who just don't understand about IF, and lists all the things that don't work, but thanks for suggesting it anyway. Then I realized it was your real list. So sad. And mine is exactly the same, but add a couple rounds of IVF to it.

"Have you tried...?" YES!


Meghan said...

Hope the new med is the key!

And none of those other things ever worked for me either

Kami said...

I tried almost everything on your list too. Even though our issue was MFI, I thought it would help improve our odds. Whatever. In the end it was the technology that all the alternative medicine people poo-poo.

Of course, the odds are rarely zero, so you have a shot. I hope it works for you.