Sunday, January 13, 2008

Checking In

Health seems to be restored to the household (fingers crossed). Baby Boy still has a little bit of "the runs" but the doctor said it could take a while. Aside from that, he seems to be feeling fine, eating normally, and no longer dehydrated. (I was having to force fluids there for a while with a syringe--poor little guy). Mister was back to work by last Wednesday, and though still a little wobbly for a few days there, by today seems to be 100 percent again. Phew!

I'm scheduled for an ultrasound on Wednesday (which will be cycle day 10). I'll know more then about how I'm responding to the new meds, and how my lining looks. IUI will probably be Friday (if things go "normally").


Tracy said...

Glad everybody is on the mend. No fun. I'm looking forward to hearing how you're responding on Wednesday. We'll be cycle buddies - our transfer will likely be on Friday, too. Can't think of anybody I'd rather wait with! ;)

Rebecca said...

Good luck with everything this week!

Melanie said...

Are you set and ready to go? Fingers crossed!