Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So I went in for my date with the dildocam today, to check on what my follies are up to for this IUI cycle. I waited half an hour past my appointment time before they called me in (annoying). Finally, the doctor comes in, I "assume the position" and in goes the dildocam.

Dr.: Well, you've got a beautiful follicle on the left.
Me: Good.....
Dr.: And on the right...(pause) It's hard to tell. You've got something but it looks...old.
Me: (Weird face) Huh?
Dr.: It's hard to tell if it's a cyst or a corpus luteum, or...
Me.: What does that mean?
Dr.: It's possible you might have already ovulated.

So, then I was swept over to have blood drawn, to check my progesterone levels, to see if I have indeed ovulated or not. I won't know until tomorrow morning. But, in the meantime, the doctor called in a Rx for an HCG shot, and instructed me to administer it "as soon as possible." ACK!! So, if it turns out tomorrow that I haven't ovulated, then we do the IUI tomorrow. If I have already ovulated, then it's canceled, and I just jabbed myself for nothing. I don't know what to hope for. If I did already ovulate, then at least it means I made 2 follicles. I think. If not, then that means it's a cyst and I only produced ONE FOLLICLE. CRAP! I can do that on my own without the stupid drugs! But, then at least we still get to do the IUI and maybe there's the slightest chance of getting pregnant this cycle. Of course we weren't expecting it to happen so soon, and Mr. has about 50 meetings tomorrow, and we have no one to watch Baby Boy, and we're freaking out.



Tracy said...

I'd be freaking out, too! In fact, I think I am freaking out a little bit.

It's "OLD?" WTF!?

Thinking about you and hoping for only good things.

Rebecca said...

ARGH is right! Too much to handle! I really hope that everything turns out alright and that no eggs have popped out yet!