Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Good and the Bad

So, I finally got a call after 11:00 a.m., but didn't get any new information. They were calling to let me know they hadn't gotten my results yet, because their "machine" was down. (WTF!?) Anywhoo--2 hours later they called back to tell me that I had NOT ovulated. They scheduled our IUI for first thing tomorrow a.m.

The bad news:
-Does that then mean that I only made one mature follicle on the Let.razole? Crap. And what's going on with my right ovary, then? A cyst?

The good news:
-I didn't ovulate, so we still get to do the IUI.
- I didn't ovulate on day 9 or 10 which would have been really early and would have really freaked me out.
- My lining yesterday was at 6 with a healthy triple stripe. Perhaps by tomorrow it will have grown a little more and be nice and plushy.
- I was told by the nurse who scheduled the IUI that we would be on Dr. F's schedule--so that means I get to actually see MY RE--the one I consulted with originally when I came to this clinic, and not just the "Doctor of the Day." That is good news for me, because I have just a few questions to ask him. (Ya think?) I'll have to bring a list with me, in case I'm flustered.
-Maybe I can get an answer as to what that other "old" looking follicle really is.

Well everyone, wish me, Mister and my one "beautiful" follicle some luck. I think we're going to need it.


singletracey said...

GOOD LUCK!!!! I will be thinking of you :-)

Tracy said...

How irritating. I'm not sure if you got my previous comment or not. Blogger is busting my chops.

Anyway, GOOD LUCK!!!! I'm so rooting for you. And great news about getting to see your RE. IKWYM.

And, hey, we'll be in the 2ww together!! Whoo hoo! Let's party on sitcoms and wholesome food!

TeamWinks said...

Good Luck!!!

Ms Heathen said...

Thank you so much for stopping my blog - your support really is much appreciated.

Good luck with the IUI - I hope all goes well for you.