Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weighing In

I had to go see my family doctor yesterday. Cause, yeah, I'm sick. Again. (I have just come to the conclusion that my adorable little alien inside me is using all my good stuff and there is no immunity left for me, the host. But, whatever.) So yeah. I've got a sinus infection--and normally I would load up on Sud.a.fed and be done with it but probably not a good idea right now. So I went to see the family doc. Anyway, as is normal protocol at the doctor's office, I had to get weighed. It's been a few weeks since my last appointment at the OB's so I wasn't quite prepared for the number that popped up on the digital display. 150 pounds! This may not sound like very much but considering I was 124 pre-pregnancy it seems like a big number! I know it's not. I know, that at 5'10" my 124 lb frame was probably considered by most to be underweight. I know that all this weight gain means my baby is thriving and that I am putting on the appropriate weight and fat stores to sustain this pregnancy and (hopefully) breastfeed once the baby arrives. But whoa.

I can certainly tell that I am carrying around a lot of weight that I'm not used to. The other day Mister and I went out to a concert and we had to climb a somewhat steep flight of stairs to get up the amphitheater entrance. I was feeling the burn! And a little out of breath! But I also got a kick out of how Mister held my arm the whole way up. I mean, he often holds my hand or we walk arm in arm when we're out, but this was different. It was more of a protective, I-don't-want-my-pregnant-wife-to-fall sort of embrace. Awww.

I have also noticed some additional up-sides to the weight gain. My face is definitely a little fuller. Less of that gaunt look... and I may be crazy but I swear I look a little bit younger. My face has plumped up just enough so that those wrinkles are not as noticeable. At least to me. Maybe I'm wearing rose-colored glasses. And then there's the boobs. For the first time in my entire life I actually have cleavage. Woo hoo! Mister doesn't mind it, either.

So, anyway, I guess as long as Dr. Wunnerful is happy with my weight gain (and he is) then, bring it on! Cake anyone?

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Lavender Luz said...

You get pregnancy AND cleavage? No fair!

Seriously. I bet you look awesome, as always.