Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I had another routine appointment this morning. I saw one of the other doctors in the practice, so I missed seeing Dr. Wunnerful, but at this point they want me to see each of the other doctors at least once, since whoever is on call when I go into labor will most likely be the one that delivers my baby. I saw the doctor who's name rhymes with 'Jerk' and so we'll call him Dr. Jerk. Not just because his name rhymes, but because he is, kinda, a jerk. You see, he did not remember me but I did see him a couple of years ago. Right before we were about to start our first round of IUI's at the Infertility Clinic, I needed to get an "annual & pap." Not wanting to see the doctor I had already seen throughout my original infertility workups, and then short-lived pregnancy and miscarriage, (too afraid I'd start blubbering at the sight of her just because of the memories and what, at that time, she represented to me, emotionally), I requested Dr. Jerk do my annual. My friend B., who was pregnant at the time (via IVF) was seeing him and said she liked him and that he was very familiar with All Things Infertility, which made her more comfortable, since it had taken her a long road to get pregnant. So I thought, hey, we're doing treatments, he'll understand what's going on, he might be the right doctor for me too.


During that exam 2 years ago, when I told him we were pursuing IUI, and that I'd been diagnosed with high FSH, he almost laughed, and said, "well, good luck with that. Your chances of success are very low."

Thanks, buddy.

(My friend B. had a bad post labor experience with him and now refuses to see him as well. So, we joke around when referring to him as Dr. Jerk.)

Today, I really wanted to remind him of who I was and how I got to where I am. He looked at my chart and noted that I'd been seeing Dr. Wunnerful exclusively.

I wanted to say it was because he believed in me, that the reason I was pregnant was most likely because of him, and my old, high fsh eggs were just fine, obviously, wouldn't you know it, thankyouverymuch.

But I didn't have the energy. After a sleepless night worrying about all of our financial and my business decisions, at 9:00 this morning I just didn't have it in me to be snarky. (Not that I would have been, really, but you know what I mean.) So I acted just like any other normal, pregnant lady, I guess....

Anyway. The baby is measuring a little small (about 32 weeks--I'm 33wks 5days?) but growing. He said not to worry it is probably just due to the fact that I am tall and lean. Either the baby is just measuring small because I am "hiding" some of it, or, hey, it's just a smaller baby.

And the baby is still breech. Which is really freaking me out because I don't want a C-Section. He acted very nonchalant about it, but hey, no one is coming after his gut with a scalpel.

Anyone who has any advice on how to turn a breech baby please let me know!!

Will see another doctor in the practice next week, just to do as I'm supposed to, and then I'll hopefully go back to my Doctor Wunnerful.

And I SO HOPE I get Dr. Wunnerful to deliver. I'm sort of afraid of how I'll feel if it's not him. Is that weird?


T said...

Hey.. beeb following your blog for a while.. my last pregnancy baby was breech ended up in a c-section. I tried everything chiro accupuncture to sitting on my head.

this ia a cool website

Kami said...

I was going to suggest spinning babies too. Can you find a doc who will deliver breech? That would be my first choice if the baby was butt presentation - don't recall the technical word.

Good luck on your list of things. I am sure it will all get done or you will be fine with it not done.