Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TMI POST: Um, Where Is My Period? *UPDATED*

'Kay. I had the hysteroscopy on the 6th. I bled. For about a week. Sort of like a period: 2 days of flow, a few days of spotting. Then it sort of dragged out for a couple of days. Thought I was done, and then I'd spot a little more. Repeat. Ok. Then I was done. And, well. Somewhere between when the spotting dropped off and er, like NOW I should have gotten a period. My real one. So, was that my period? Which would have been really early. Which would be bad. But, today I am spotting again. Just a wee little bit. Is this my period? If it is, well, that could be good... because it would be a normal (for me) cycle length. After the hysteroscopy + ensuing flow, I could understand if my period is extremely light. But how am I to tell if this is the real thing or what? See, I am paranoid. Is it all over? Are my periods disappearing (menopause?). Or, is the synthroid making them go away? Or, am I having a period right now, and it's at an appropriate time but it's just light cuz of the surgery and I should be happy cuz it's at the right time and it may be a sign that something is actually going in the right direction if my cycles are getting longer again? Or, or or or!!!! What? It is impossible to tell where I am in my cycle right now. It is so weird! It is one thing to not know where I am in a cycle, but I don't even know which cycle I am in, and where I am in in it? Ya know? Kinda. Freaking. Out. Want. Answers.

Follow up with Dr. Wonderful next week.

Going to ask for referral for Endocrinologist too.

**Edited to add: Got the Real Thing today! Woot woot! Never been so happy to get my period. If I am correct, then I just had a very normal 28-day cycle. Of course I'll need to see if the trend continues in the coming months, especially since I had the whole surgery thing smack dab in the middle of the cyle, but if this means the thyroid meds are doing something right, then I am a very happy camper. So happy. 


Just me said...

Ugh. That sucks. I hate when a cycle is all messed up. As if it's not enough of a reminder that we get it at all... then it acts stupid and you can't figure out what's going on.

I hope your doc can help answer your questions!!!

Meg said...

I wish I had answers for you :-(
But I can tell you that you are NOT alone in the freaking out. You sound perfectly normal to me!

Tracy said...

Hmm...could you call Dr. Wonderful and request a CD3 test based on today being CD1 and see what happens? That may (or may not) tell you a lot?

Hope you get some answers SOON!

Meg said...

Me again. I met with my endo today. Let me know if you want details on what he said about pregnancy. I'd love to trade notes!

Just me said...

Yay on the update!!! :)