Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Adoption Progress, IUI and Other Random Stuff

So we recently received what is (supposedly!) the LAST piece of paperwork we need to fill out for Baby Boy's adoption. And, (supposedly!) after we fill it out we will be getting a court date. We're hoping for a court date in December (if we're darn lucky) so that Baby Boy's adoption will be finalized in 2007--the same year he was born. That would feel really good to us, and would be a great Christmas present for our little family.

As for the IUI. I am 7 days post IUI and I don't feel anything. No sore boobs, no fatigue, no tell-tale pregnancy signs. If anything, I feel like I usually do at this point in my cycle--with Aunt Flo comin' round the bend, in about 5 days. However, I guess it's not over till it's over, so I'm trying to keep positive. I am not scheduled for a blood test or anything, so I guess I'll be peeing on a stick by Monday (12 dpiui). Unless of course, I get my period by Monday.

Today I took Baby Boy to a Gym.boree class. This was very interesting. I think it was a little overwhelming for him. He started crying a shrill, high-pitched cry at one point and I had to take him out of the play area to calm him down. I think we'll give it another try, though--and see if he warms up to it. It is a good way for him to really move around and get some more activity. (Not a lot of space for him to explore in our tiny house!) Speaking of exploring, right now he's ripping up some magazines, so I'd better go.



Meghan said...

Hope everything goes smoothly with the adoption paperwork!

My niece loves jimbo dance!!!

Tracy said...

I know you know this, and it probably won't make you feel any better, but lots of women don't have any pregnancy symptoms this early on.

Anxiously waiting...

Frenchie said...

Hi Tracy-
Yeah, that's what I keep telling myself, too. Trying to walk that fine line between staying positive, and not getting my hopes up "too" high.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Kami said...

I am late in getting here, but still rooting for you.

Jen said...

Hi! I just found your blog after doing a search. I have POF, too, and have a son naturally and twin girls through egg donor. Best of luck on your journey! Many of my POF friends have kids through adoption, egg donor and natural.

You are a great writer by the way and I also LOVE Office Space (one of my all time fav's).