Monday, April 5, 2010

C-Section Scheduled

My baby's birthday will be April 16th. I had a choice between the 15th or the 16th but who wants their birthday to be Tax Day if it can be avoided? Of course, if I should go into labor earlier than that, I will go straight to the hospital, but if not, I'll be delivering by C-section next Friday. I guess the benefits are that it takes the guesswork out of the timing, eh? Trying to line up help at home for when I get out of the hospital, plus help with Handsome Man while I'm in there. I'm assuming my husband will want to spend a significant amount of time at the hospital with me, and I don't think HM will have too much fun sitting in a hospital room for long periods of time. This is all so crazy.

Still to get done before C-day:

Find jammies for hospital
Pack hospital bag
Finish washing baby's clothes/blankets
Finish organizing stuff in baby's room
Get changing table moved over from storage (aka my office)
Move out of studio (this is a biggie)

Finish pre-orders and place orders with vendors for May weddings

All while totally exhausted, with swollen feet (that just started happening) a sore back, and a three year old with me full time.

No biggie, right?


Just me said...

I know this isn't how you would have chosen things to go, but I know once that baby is here all will be well. :) 4/16 is a great birthday- it's my "baby" (now 21! yikes!) cousin's bday. :) (She was a C baby too.)

Very excited for you, though I'm sure you understand a little bitter sweet for me. :-/

Thanks for your support yesterday. III and I talked last night... I'll update you all later.

Expectant Duck said...

you can do it!

Peeveme said...

So close.

s.e. said...

It seems like you have accomplished a lot of your to-do list already and hope you find some sort of relief and calm before the big day!

Best Wishes!

Kami said...

Oh, I am sorry. I can imagine given that I had three shots at a home birth with one early death, one cesarean birth and one hospital (but thankfully! vaginal) birth.

The good thing is you have some time to think about what would make this the best possible experience. Have a friend bring a mirror so you can watch the surgery? Ask your fav doc to do it (I would!)? This is your birth even if someone is helping.