Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Surreal Moments

Since discovering I was pregnant, there have been a few moments that have been quite surreal. (Not to mention that first HPT). Some of them "big" moments, and some that would be otherwise ordinary or meaningless. Like the other day, I was on the phone with Mister. His company is changing health insurance plans/options (again) in January, and we had to pick our plan for enrollment. We were looking through the three or four plan choices (all with the same mega company) and were settling on one. Then it came up that I had better check with XYZ Hospital to make sure they were a preferred provider with that particular plan. Because that is where Dr. Wunnerful is affiliated, and therefore where I plan to give birth. Give. Birth. I had to stop and say to Mister, "I can't believe we're even having this discussion."

This time last year we were looking at health plan options and trying to see which one had the best (or any) infertility coverage.

Our new plan has NO coverage for infertility, incidentally... of course I had to look, because, you know, I was curious. I pray to God I DO give birth at XYZ Hospital, at the appropriate time, that all is well, and I'll not ever have to worry about Infertility benefits again.


Good Egg Hunting said...

I hear you -- I have had many, many surreal moments throughout this pregnancy. I am now 30 weeks and I still have to stop and think sometimes, "Wow, I am really pregnant!" Anyway, I, too, hope that you never, ever have to worry about infertility benefits again!

Peeveme said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog and catching me up on your AMAZING news. I'm so flipping thrilled for you. I have just been scanning to catch up on you very busy last few months.

BTW..are we friends on facebook?