Wednesday, May 6, 2009


5 years. 1 pregnancy. 1 miscarriage. 

And now, one laperoscopy which resulted in doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for me.

Yes, they found endo. 

But barely any.

They removed what was there. But it hasn't made a difference in my INability to get preggo. (As I sit here on CD1. Again).

And guess what? Apparently, my horrible cramps have not been caused by endo but by some other condition that they can't do A THING about. (Something about the way my uterine lining grows....I dunno). 

So, no answers about what's causing my infertility (we're just back to the drawing board with me having craptastic eggs).

No change in my ability to get preggo. (Even Doctor Wonderful said in our follow-up that I'm no better off. Exactly where I started.)

AND! No pain relief.


I'm sick of reading Infertility sites/blogs/articles/message boards where women tell their success stories. Everyone seems to find their silver bullet:

1. I stopped drinking coffee!
2. I took XYZ supplement!
3. After my HSG I got pregnant!
4. Got preggo after a lap!
5. Stopped eating X or ate more Y!
6. Started running!
7. Stopped vigorous exercise!
8. Gained weight!
9. Lost weight!
10. Went on vacation with hubby!
11. Wheat grass!
12. Got thyroid treated!

And my personal favorite....

13. We just "gave up"/were between treatments/started the adoption process/etc.. and....

I can't take it any more. 


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I can totally relate to your feelings. It does seem like so many of the IF bloggers found their silver bullet recently. I just had to reorder my google reader to separate them out bc I can't bear to read all the happy posts when I am no where closer to my goal. So, I am here to commiserate with you and will offer a hug, if you want it.

Lori said...

Totally sucks.

I'm sorry you didn't get the answers you were looking for.


Kami said...

Oh, I agree about the I did X and it worked! BS, it was luck and you THINK it was X.

I'm sorry about cd1 and the cramps. I wish I had something to offer.

Tiff said...

I never found my silver bullet...unless you mean a silver bullet for sanity. That one includes lots of wine and chocolate!
((HUGS)) Let me know if you want to talk. *Thinking of you*

singletracey said...

Just catching up on you and wanted to say.. this post is so true... I always wonder why I keep picking the the losing ticket....

Kami said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. how are things going for you lately?