Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Hours in the Day, Please!

It seems like I never have time to post, which is really odd right now, cos I have some time off. Well, not totally off--I still have work things to do. (Did I mention how unbelievably behind I am on everything right now?) But I don't have any actual events until the very end of this month. You'd think I'd be doing a whole lot of relaxing and catching up on things. Well, every day my to-do list is so long and there are so many projects I want to start--it's like I have ADD. The day goes by so fast and I'm lucky if I've gotten a few things checked off my list.

But, there it is. Hoping to catch up on some more stuff at the office and get all organized and sh*t by the end of this week. Then, tackle some home projects next week. Mostly, clearing out the garage, deciding what to keep/what to get rid of, and having a big garage sale! (Oh, yeah, and I also want to install a new closet system in our bedroom, paint the bedroom, and move the furniture.) Ha. We'll see what I can get accomplished. Today I barely made it through sorting through my (over-flowing) home and office "in-boxes". Oy.


Tracy said...

Wow! That's a lot of work for one week. A garage sale in and of itself can be staggering.

Hope all is well on your end.

Tiff said...

You are ambitious, I tell ya! I wish you luck with can come and straighten out my house when you are finished.

Char said...

Waaaayyyy too much hard work, if you ask me! haha. You deserve a break, Frenchie! Seriously.