Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Update

So, all went well today with the ultrasound! Righty: one 28mm one 16mm, Lefty: one 25 mm. And, I'm about ready to pop. Doc said that the two 20 somethings are really big--and that the "lil guy" probably won't catch up in time but the big guys are definitely ready to go. I asked if this means I responded well to the Clom.id, and she told me this was really good.

IUI scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday) at high noon!

Now, I'm just hoping these over-acheiving eggies don't pop out too soon! Hang on guys!!


Stirrup Queen said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Meghan said...

Good luck tomorrow! Those 2 big ones sound great!

Tracy said...

Good luck today at the IUI! Great news on your eggs! :)